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Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

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A culture day

A culture day - A useful playground of english practice

Nowadays,  English is an indispensable part of the path to everyone’s success. English is not only a pure foreign language but also a tool in studying and working, and a means of communication.



For this reason, the section of foreign languages of GiaHoi High School organized “A CULTURE DAY” to form a playground where the students can express their deep love for English and enhance the skills at using their English. 





We have had many performances of the make-up to the world’s countries to urge students to use English better: introducing the countries’ cultures. Thanks to it, students feel more confident in using English in class as well as in life.




Furthermore, we have had many artistic performances: reciting poems in English, singing English songs, modern dancing, etc. which make the playground more exciting. Surely, these activities will engage more and more students in learning English.




Ngo Thi My Trang

Gia Hoi High School