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Sunday, 24th Jun 2018

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Towards Gia Hoi High School’s 50th anniversary

So many activities are being conducted to celebrate Gia Hoi High School’s 50th anniversary, among which is the wall-bulletin made by the students of class 11B11.

Through their writings, collections, poems and funny stories, they wish to express their love for their teachers, for their friends, and especially for their school – Gia Hoi, where they are studying and will always remember as their second home.


Gia Hoi High School was founded on 07/02/1966. In the first academic year (1965-1966), there were 12 classes with 450 students and 14 teachers. Now, in this academic year (2015-2016), Gia Hoi High School accommodates 40 classes, 1645 students, and a staff of 105 teachers and administrative members.


Fifty years of existence throughout historical ups and downs and worldly changes has been witnessing Gia Hoi High School in continuous development. The school can boast of many well-qualified and devoted teachers who are loved and respected by generations of students. And the students in their turns have striven hard to gain successes in study and in life, bringing fame and pride to their families and their teachers. This proud tradition has been and still be kept by generations of teachers and students.


Gia Hoi is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary. We hope our school will forever flourish and is always the sweet home for many more generations of teachers and students.


Nguyen Thi Hai Binh

Gia Hoi High School