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Tuesday, 19th Jun 2018

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Extracurricula activity - section of foreign languages

Come to know…

Everything went as planned...


Our trip would start at 7:30a.m but at 6:30, all of us were ready to take the road. We were present at the school-yard of Gia Hoi High School. Today, we were going to visit Tu Duc, one of the most beautiful tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. Tomb of Tu Duc is not merely a sightseeing and tourism, but also the destination to learn about the life and career of a famous and talented King. Despite rainy weather this morning, all of the students felt so eager because the excursion was what they had desired.


After approximately 30 minutes, all of teachers and students arrived at Tu Duc Tomb. Suddenly, it rained far more heavily. However, that did not stop the students’ steps. They did not hesitate to go straight into the tomb. After recalled to the schedule, the students heard Mr. Loc introduce of the architecture and works in the tomb. While talking, he asked the students to answer some quiz questions related to this heritage. It was this activity that made the students more excited. A few of the small gifts also contributed to the enthusiastic participation of students. After that, the students were allowed to visit anywhere in the tomb they wanted. At the same time they had to find out about the landscape, the history, etc. of the tomb.


At 9:30 the students gathered in the yard in front of Luong Khiem Palace. Fortunately, it was sunny. There, under the guidance of teachers and team leaders, all of the students took part in some team-building games. In spite of being tired and wet, the students were still dedicated to their games, which bettered their solidarity and friendship. Late morning, before we had to get on the car back to the school, the students listened to the comments and reviews about the trip from the teachers. It was advisable that they should complete their entries. When asked about the feelings after the trip, all students kept saying: "We had a very meaningful day, because we not only were fun, but we also gained many useful things."


Saying goodbye, we know for sure that with the support of our school administrators, we will have many opportunities ahead to discover more places of interest.






Nguyen Y Anh


Gia Hoi High School